A real profession on aquarium design

    ZOOX Laboratories based at Japan .
    Our Aquarist team with over 20 years experiences to design
    products with High Cost-performance product with cheap
    price but the best quality.

Why Choose Us

  • Expert of Marine Life

    ZOOXis the most Professional Company in Marine Aquarium Design & Knownledge in the field.

    We provided high Technology and experienced to Maintenance a Marine Aquarium.

  • Integrated Service

    ZOOX is the only one Company which together with Live Stock Warehouse , Aquarium Contract Work House ,Designer firm and manufactory.

    We provide professional Aquarium Solution by our experienced team.


    Our products are all proved by our experience designer and testing to ensure the products can provide high efficiency and safety to customers.We are not aiming to high profit products only.

  • Social responsibility

    ZOOX understand everyone are dreaming to build up their own “Ocean”.

    But it will cause a demand of Ocean extraction in the same time.

    We are welcome to provide technical support to Public Aquarium , Aquaculture farm including design , building construction ,maintenance and experience shared.

Become a dealer? //

We have full support to our District distributor and dealer .Including equipment setup ,tailor-made shops & system design.
Please send us a few words to introduce yourself and we will return to you shortly.
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